About the service
Before each recommendation, we conduct a thorough analysis of 7 points, all of which helps us identify promising investment ideas, as well as calculate approximate profits and deadlines.
Thorough analysis
Repeating the portfolio after us, you will be able to reach a yield of up to 25% per annum. In rare cases, we will recommend that you do not open new positions, but wait out for a while. This will save your money
Follow our recommendations
We provide you with access to the investment portfolio, which you repeat and follow all the signals that we will give you (opening / closing positions).
Creating an investment portfolio
Brief instructions for using the service
How to use the service?
Choose the position you are interested in
Click on the card of the position you are interested in, you will see more detailed information including charts and analytics.
Study the information provided
You are presented with a chart of the profitability of the company, a brief information about its current state. Information required for purchase: entry price, share in the portfolio.
Purchase the promotion you are interested in
When purchasing a share, you need to repeat the position exactly as we recommend. If you open a position with your broker, we only provide you with recommendations.